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International Patient Department (IPD)

Today, internationally, if a hospital wants to work internationally, it is necessary to design a process in a hospital that will provide international patients with medical treatment at the earliest possible time, out of turn, in an optimal and low cost way. to be presented.

Duties Unit

The strategy that has been considered in other successful countries in the field of health tourism is the establishment and implementation of an International Hospital Reception Department (IPD) in the hospital, which has been accepted and approved as an internationally acceptable solution. For this reason, it has been tried to use the same strategy to create a similar structure at the treatment center level in order to achieve the desired goals. The IPD Unit, with the acceptance of international patients, is responsible for coordinating the process of accepting discharge, providing patient care and diagnostic services, and coordinating with health tourism companies.

4 reasons to create

The four main reasons that help improve the treatment process of international patients are:

  • The patient’s notion of service quality

  • Price

  • easy accessibility

  • Tourist Attractions Location

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