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Treatment of Disease in Iran

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Patient admission from other countries in Iran

Iran is an ideal destination for health tourism. Every year, with the hope of providing better healthcare and services, patients travel to the United States, Britain, and Europe, and spend millions on them. Iran is proud to provide health services in other countries at lower costs, lower waiting times, hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technology and best doctors.

  • Getting a visa from the Islamic Republic of Iran for the patient and relatives

  • Transfer of patients and relatives from the entrance (ground or air) to the place of residence

  • Reservation of hotel or hotel apartment according to the patient’s taste and companionship

  • Acceptance of a hospital and the provision of a health plan for providing the patient with the required health care in the best hospitals

  • Provision for patient care during admission and recovery at the request of the patient

  • Co-ordination regarding patient clearance and obtaining instructions for recovery

  • Provide a summary of the patient’s case and prepare a hospital bill

  • Providing medicines and equipment needed by the patient

  • Transfer the patient to the treatment centers and hospitals

  • Provide a translator in the requested language of the patient

  • Provide facilities for post-treatment counseling

  • Perform other patient health requirements according to request

  • Providing VIP services in each case at the patient’s request

  • Setting in-town and outbound tourism and pilgrimage tours individually or in groups as requested by patients and companions

  • Coordinating the return of the patient to their home country after receiving the required services



Iran has an opportunity to travel therapeutically, and its benefits are reduced costs and waiting times.

Medical visits, therapeutic and beauty surgery are all types of health care services in Iran.

Patients can undergo treatment, improvement and enjoyment of holidays in Iran at a very low cost to travel therapists.


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