Comparison of the cost and quality of health tourism in Iran compared to other countries

Features of medical tourism

In the world, a combination of several factors has led to an increase in the popularity of medical trips, including the high cost of living in industrialized countries, the easing of international travel and the improvement of the level of technology and medical standards in many countries of the world. Cite One reason for stretching toward medical travel is its convenience compared to other countries. In some countries, where the public health system is commonplace, it usually takes a lot of time to meet the needs of citizens, and patients will have to wait for a long time to address their condition, such as hip joint, which in England and Canada should be one year or more. The wait was waiting. However, in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, or Bangalore, a patient can be taken care of one day after arrival.


For reasons that make traveling for the purpose of treatment, one can consider the cost of medical care, search for Finding an experienced and experienced physician, appropriate health care, safety, and shorter waiting times for treatment. A heart valve connection costs $ two hundred thousands or even more in the US, while India and the Philippines cost only $ ten thousands and The price in Iran is less.

Medical tourism in Iran

Iran has a lot of attractions to attract tourists. Iran is considering natural resources and talents and benefiting from favorable weather conditions. The neighbors are Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan in the north, Turkey and Iraq in the west, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east. In fact, Iran forms the bridge between the Far East and the Mediterranean and Europe.
Based on the organization’s report, Iran’s tourism ranked 10th in the ancient, historical and fifth place of natural attractions in the world. Meanwhile, Iran has gained many health abilities. The quality of health services provided in Iran is higher than in many countries in the region, and even in some cases (such as organ transplantation, infertility, etc.), there are many things to say. On the other hand, the cost of services provided is much lower than in European countries, Turkey and India, and even competitive with successful countries in the health tourism industry. Therefore, all of these cases have created the potential in our country to serve as a treatment destination for many foreign patients.

  • In Wellness Tourism, individuals travel to their physical and mental fitness; in this part of the health tourism, doctors do not play a role; and health tourism with a personal decision and for the use of information and for health-related purposes to the villages Health or mineral water springs; tourism is well-off in Iran, traveling to Sareen in the province of Ardebil.

  • Curative Tourism is a collection of activities such as water treatment, mud therapy, therapeutic massage, etc., to improve and expedite the treatment process by consulting and consulting the physician!

  • Medical tourism is directly in contact with doctors and hospitals. People who travel with the aim of using the expertise of physicians or surgeons.

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